Guess Who Belongs in the Rock Hall of Fame!

There are many music artists who belong in the rock and roll hall of fame and that topic is always up for debate for those who have different tastes in music. However, I think one of the most egregious omissions from the Rock hall of fame has to be The Guess Who not being inducted. No matter what your taste in music, if you look at their body of work you would be hard-pressed not to admit that they belong in the hall of fame.

The proof is in the music. Here are just some of their many big hits. Keep this in mind, members of the band went on to have many more hits with other bands (such as BTO with Taking Care of Business & You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, and many solo hits by lead singer Burton Cummings)

American Woman

These Eyes

Laughing (Recently used in the movie “Joker”

No Time


Summary: I hope that The Guess Who gets inducted into the Hall of Fame while Burton Cummings is still alive. They are truly one of the best rock bands ever.



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